About Us

At LUPICIA, a Japanese founded and owned company, our mission is to offer the freshest and best quality teas possible, always striving to deliver new varieties and flavours from all over the world.

Extensive Range of Teas and Teawares

With over 400 different varieties of tea, our extensive range includes black, green, oolong, herbal & flavoured teas designed to fulfill almost every need. We complement our wide selection of teas with a fabulous range of teapots, cups and accessories


We also have a large range of gift items, and to be honest, all of our products make great gifts! Gifts for your partner, special friend, family member or work associate, we've got you covered. And don't forget, there's no harm in spoiling yourself every now and then!

Utmost Attention To Quality

Being a Japanese founded and owned company, you can rest assured of our utmost attention to overall quality, packaging, as well as our personalised gift wrapping service.

Over 400 Varieties of Loose Leaf Tea

Boasting over 400 varieties, LUPICIA is clearly a haven for those passionate about tea. Though extensive in selection, shopping online is easy as you can browse and search according to a range of categories including type, region, origin and flavour, as well as keyword search. In addition to all the classic teas LUPICIA is world renowned for, we also offer an eclectic range of unique and rare blends such as Grapefruit Green, Mango Oolong and Sakura Vert to name just a few.


All our loose-leaf teas come pre-packed in special nitrogen vacuum-sealed bags to maintain their freshness.

Once opened, we recommend you store your tea in an air-tight container. Alternatively, we offer our unique original tins with all of our loose leaf teas.

Teas packaged in our tins make an ideal gift, too!

What makes LUPICIA tea so special?

The taste, character, quality and subtle flavour of any tea is determined by a number of factors:

- The country and region the tea plant is grown in

- Tea plant species

- Plantation soil conditions

- Climatic conditions

- Production methods

- Freshness of the tea*

All these factors combine to give different teas their individual and distinctive flavours.

* except for aged teas which improve over time

The premium quality of the teas we select is based on our strict commitment to deliver only the very best.

We maintain this commitment by carefully controlling our production process, including using our own highly experienced buyers who check the quality of tea at the source before it is imported.

After we receive the imported teas at our distribution centre, they are prepared and packaged on the same day of arrival.

Our Unique Special Blends

Our skillful and creative tea blenders are extremely passionate about their craft. They are the reason behind why we have such a great variety of originally blended teas for you to enjoy.

Our Shop in Melbourne

If you are in Melbourne, we encourage you to visit us at our store in the city centre.

Otherwise, please browse our online store, and experience for yourself all that we have to offer.