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New Customers - Welcome!

Existing Customers - Thanks For Your Continued Support!

To all those who supported us throughout 2020. we deeply thank you.

We truly appreciate you as part of our LUPICIA Australia community and sincerely wish that 2021 will be a much better year for us all.

Our Online Shop

This website is of course always open, with increased frequency of shipments from our distribution centre in Japan.

This enables us to replenish out-of-stock items faster, as well as bring you new items more often!

Our Store

We are very fortunate that we were able to keep our store in Melbourne open throughout 2020.

We deeply value our community of local customers here in Melbourne, and your support throughout 2020, especially those who came in to our store in person to shop directly right through the year.

Regarding the impact of coronavirus, whilst we have always had strict hygiene standards, as soon as we became aware of the virus here in Melbourne in February 2020, we quickly implemented a number of measures in direct response. Detailed information on each of these is available here on our Melbourne store page here.

International Orders

Please note that international orders have been temporarily suspended.

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Online Tea Store Australia

Loose Leaf Tea, Black, Green Tea, Herbal Tea & Oolong Tea and Tea Pots

Founded in 1994 in Japan, and now with stores in Australia, Taiwan, USA and France, LUPICIA Fresh Tea brings you the highest quality teas and tea ware from all over the world. Being a Japanese founded, owned and operated business, you can rest assured of our utmost attention to quality, packaging, and overall customer service.

Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Herbal Teas, Teapots, Teaware

With over 400 different varieties of specialty teas, sourced from select plantations all over the world, our extensive range includes:

- Black Tea
- Green Tea (Japanese Green)
- Oolong Tea (Taiwan Oolong)
- Herbal Tea
- Our Famous Flavoured Teas

Premium Loose Leaf Teas & Premium Tea Bags

Traditional loose leaf tea or premium tea bags, it's up to you.

Teapots, Teacups & Teaware

We compliment our extensive range of specialty teas with an exceptional selection of teapots, teacups and accessories.


Looking for that special something for that special someone? Have a look at our range of tea gifts.