Matcha Au Lait Soybean Powder

Matcha Au Lait Soybean Powder

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The light astringency of Uji matcha is complimented by 'kinako' soybean powder in this easy to make, smooth tasting green tea latte.

50 grams $17.00

For Matcha Au Lait Soybean , we've added kinako (soybean) powder, a popular topping used on traditional Japanese sweets. Transport yourself to the simple pleasures of old Japan with this nostalgic combination.

To make Matcha Au Lait, all you need is a microwave, mug and spoon. Add 2 teaspoons of Matcha Au Lait Soybean powder to 150ml of milk & stir well. Microwave at 500w-600w for 90 seconds, stir again, and your soybean matcha latte is ready!
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