Matcha Au Lait Soybean - Green Tea Latte

Matcha Au Lait Soybean - Green Tea Latte

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High grade Uji matcha is complimented with 'kinako' soybean powder in this easy to make, smooth tasting instant green tea latte.

For Matcha Au Lait Soybean, we've added kinako (soybean powder), a popular component of traditional Japanese sweets. Transport yourself to the simple pleasures of old Japan with this nostalgic combination.

To make Matcha Au Lait, all you need is a microwave, mug and spoon. Add 2 teaspoons of Matcha Au Lait Soybean powder to 150ml of milk & stir well. Microwave at 500w-600w for 90 seconds, stir again, and voila, your soybean matcha latte is ready!
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