The Book Of Tea Japan

The Book Of Tea Japan

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LUPICIA's "Book of Tea Japan" is a sophisticated new addition to our gift selection, making it ideal as a special gift for that special someone!

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Inside the beautifully designed "book" box there are 30 individually packaged premium tea bags, featuring some of our most popular and well-loved teas. These include black, green, oolong and herbal teas. There's also some very unique teas not otherwise available in Australia (see a complete list of the included teas below).

Each tea bag sachet design features a custom designed motif of 30 different beautiful traditional Japanese scenes including the theme of all-year-round celebrations.

Also included: a beautiful booklet outlining the celebrations featured.

And last but not least, there are two special bonus items from us at LUPICIA:

* Complimentary mini tin of Wakoucha (apple flavoured Japanese black tea) - 15g loose tea in custom tin

* A small decorative ceramic plate featuring a gourd, which is a symbol of luck and good health, selected by LUPICIA.

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Complete list of teas included:

5000 Darjeeling the First Flush
5001 Darjeeling the Second Flush
5110 La Belle Epoque
5254 Tochiotome Black
5521 Daruma
5538 Benico
5539 Takibi
5568 Karakoro
5596 Momijigari
5637 Yuzu Chocolat
5658 Hiraki
5701 Cerisier
7005 Golden Osmanthus
7401 Sencha Chiran
7467 Sencha Fuji Koshun
8033 Sencha Yumegatari
8034 Houjicha Oni
8224 Budou Green
8225 Tsugaru Green
8226 Chestnut Green Tea
8240 Ume Vert
8243 Hoshimatsuri
8284 Momo Vert
8542 Ramune
8549 Soleil Levant
8806 Kirara Rice Tea
8834 Matcha Black Soybean Rice Tea
8835 Hifumi
9202 Piccolo
9750 Deep Roasted Black Soybean Barley Tea

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